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Master Technician

Identifies the customer requests, analyses them with his team leader, and refines the diagnostic process

Performs the requested work, in observance of the manufacturer's methods (recommendations and operating procedures).

Communicates with the Team Leader during the work to inform him of the check results and of his work, and also to ask for his help or assistance

• Masters the various repair techniques and uses the documentation as necessary, sharing his knowledge with Technicians

Observes the safety rules defined for the equipment, instruments and products

Observes the work time set by the Team Leader

Prepares, under the Team Leader responsibility, the supplies outward sheet for parts to be replaced and transfers them from the Spare Parts to service as required

Prepared the tools, equipment required to complete each task. Ensures all components at the periphery of the work location are in operational condition

Performs safety inspections and completes the quality control sheets and necessary

 test documents

Undertakes the requested work in accordance with the work order

Identifies additional work and non-conformances. Rapidly communicates them to the Team leader and documents the incidences on the work order.

Informs the Team leader of any incident which might cause a delivery delay

Perform selective sorting of waste, within the frame of the applicable rules

Performs diagnostic tests using appropriate equipment

Prepares the vehicle for delivery by ensuring all equipment and accessories are in place and the vehicle has been cleaned

Observes the work schedules and times set by the Team Leader

Applies the manufacturer's directives and the safety rules

Euro Motors
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