Adil Mahboob

Adil Mahboob

Investment Manager & Investment Committee Member

Adil is a consummate professional with a background in banking, finance, research, investment management, risk management, strategic planning and training. He spearheaded many positions and gained valuable experience over 14 years experience in leading organizations.

Adil has extensive experience in Investment and Finance landscape across all asset classes including Private Equity, Real Estate, Hedge Funds and Derivatives across Equity, Fixed Income, etc. He was the team member managing over US$ 12 Billion in international markets during his previous job. Adil contributed cutting edge research papers and articles in number of renowned publications on various sectors and awarded for the same. Presently, he is involved in originating investment ideas, conducting comprehensive due diligence, performing risk analysis and formulating tactical and strategic portfolios. He has been providing recommendations to the members and working as Advisor to the Investment Committee. He is liaising with banks and also spearheading post acquisition investment process.

Adil imparted training to number of banking and finance professionals. He attended and presented at International Monetary Fund (IMF) USA; Singapore Monetary Authority, Singapore; and London School of Economics, UK.

Adil professional endeavors have been complemented by strong educational profile with M.Sc Economics from university of Karachi, MBA (Finance) from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and M.Sc. Finance from Warwick Business School, UK. He earned prestigious British Chevening award from British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.