• July 28 -2016

Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover Introduces New, Fully Revamped Fleet of 2016 Land Rover Vehicles

Euro Motors, the exclusive dealer and distributor for luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announced the renewal of the fleet of Land Rover vehicles currently available at the Land Rover Experience Centre Bahrain (LRE) located at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).


Land Rover’s all new 2016 line-up of vehicles will now be available for customers, to offer them the opportunity of experiencing the awe-inspiring capabilities of the best SUVs in the world. The Land Rover fleet at the Land Rover Experience Centre includes one Range Rover Sport, two Range Rover Evoques, two Land Rover Discovery Sports and three Land Rover LR4s, thereby displaying the vast array of models that Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover houses in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with each vehicle bringing its own strengths and unique characteristics that have won them many an accolade consistently over the years.


On the occasion, Mr. Paul Yates, the General Manager of Euro Motors said: “The Land Rover Experience Centre Bahrain has been extremely successful over the past year and a half, delivering over 2,000 experiences to date and raking in rave reviews for both our highly capable vehicles and the fluidity and rugged technicality of the course in itself. Hence, our supply of the latest models of our vehicles is of paramount importance to us as much as it is to the smooth functioning of the Experience Centre and thereby, it gives me great pleasure to be handing over a brand new 2016 model fleet of our vehicles effective immediately.”


“With the renewal of the fleet, LRE customers can now enjoy an experience through which they can immerse themselves in the unlimited power and capability of our 2016 models with their upgraded specifications in order for them to fully feel and sense first-hand the irresistible allure of the Land Rover brand. The Land Rover Experience Centre Bahrain is open to everyone of a considerable age, and it caters to corporate parties, tours from institutions and much more. As news of the revamped fleet of new, 2016 Land Rover vehicles spreads, we hope that a higher influx of customers participate at the Experience Centre so that everyone gets a taste of the addicting force of our Land Rover vehicles,” he added.


Jaguar Land Rover Middle East and North Africa has recently launched a short film about Bahraini National, Karim Jawad, one of the first individuals to play a role in the success of the centre, as part of its ongoing MYLAND regional communications platform in the ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’ film series. The film highlights the individuals like Karim who are the driving force of the Experience Centre and in turn, exemplifies the focus, commitment and passion that is a symbolism of the establishment and goes into making LRE the grand success it is today.


Located in the heart of the Sakhir desert within the grounds of BIC, the Land Rover Experience Centre Bahrain covers 3.5 kilometres of varying terrains such as sand, rock, hill and water landscapes. There are 32 natural and man-made obstacles allowing guests to traverse terrain including slide slopes, humps, rocks, gravel roads and watercourses, all the while assessing the driving environment, maximising the capability and technology of the vehicle and most importantly developing driving skills in the world’s most capable luxury vehicles.


The Experience Drives are unique and tailored to all guests, no matter what their skill level. The experiences range from a Half Day taster through to an Advanced Experience. All include an explanation of the Land Rover technologies on offer, instruction on how to best utilise these, and most importantly the chance to put them into action.


Visitors have the chance to choose between two experiences: the first is as a passenger in a Land Rover vehicle, while one of Land Rover’s lead instructors drives the course, with the second being an opportunity to get behind the wheel to take on the facility’s many challenges head on, guided by a qualified Land Rover Experience instructor. The Passenger Experience lasts for a duration of 90 minutes and costs BD12 per person and the Driver Experience goes on for as long as 120 minutes at a cost of BD65 per person.


The Land Rover Experience team at BIC consists of qualified and certified instructors with the Lead Instructors sent to the UK to complete their training. The Centre is open on a daily basis and guests are advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment. In addition to the drive experiences, group bookings for events ranging from birthdays to team building sessions are also welcomed.


To book your Drive, call +973 17450000 or email: info@bic.com.bh.


Since the start of its operations in 1998, Euro Motors has successfully positioned itself as the leader in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Continually striving to attain the highest standards, Euro Motors does not compromise on presentation, quality, technical service or customer care in accord with its belief in offering the utmost to customers.


For more information about the Land Rover Experience, call the Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Sitra on 17460460 or follow the latest posts about Land Rover on Facebook at Euro Motors – Land Rover Bahrain or on Instagram at @emlandroverbahrain. Additionally, to get further information, follow up to date Land Rover tweets on Twitter at emlandroverbahrain.

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