• November 27 -2014

First Motors Conducts Medical Checkup for Breast Cancer for its Employees

First Motors, the exclusive dealer of Hyundai vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, conducted a Breast Cancer medical checkup for their employees at the Bahrain Specialist Hospital. The checkup took place on the 29th of October and was organized in solidarity with a global campaign running during the month of October to raise the level of awareness of the risk of Breast Cancer.


Always placing a paramount importance on the health of their employees, First Motors organized the medical check up to take place in conjunction with the ongoing global Breast Cancer campaign and it was overseen by the adept and efficient medical staff at the Bahrain Specialist Hospital. The entire checkup and other associated costs were completely covered by First Motors as they do not compromise on the welfare of their staff.

 First Motors has always firmly stood by Think Pink and consistently supported all their activities as they recognize breast cancer to be a vital and consequential issue.


As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, First Motors wanted to reiterate their support for the crucial cause by conducting the medical check up to screen for Breast Cancer. Keeping in mind the far reaching effects of the cancer in the lives of the people affected, First Motors refuses to neglect a matter of such critical concern and will continue to champion the cause by conducting similar medical checkups and encouraging the spread of awareness of Breast Cancer and its risks among its employees.

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