• December 22 -2014

First Motors Employee Participates in “Managerial Diplomacy in Public Relations” Course

First Motors, the exclusive dealer of Hyundai vehicles in the kingdom of Bahrain, has announced the participation of its Marketing Assistant, Miss Marwa Al Haji, in the “Managerial Diplomacy in Public Relations” course held by Al Wasat Training & Development Institute recently.

 The course, which was held over 3 days, was prepared by Mr. Khalid Al Qoud, who is an executive coach, speaker, entrepreneur, a leadership expert and business consultant. The interactive course focused on equipping its participants with a knowledgebase that covers the role of public relations as well as assisting participants in gaining information on etiquette, event management, protocol and many other industry skills.


The “Managerial Diplomacy in Public Relations” course included several presentations and interactive activities. Moreover, the course’s objectives include vital concepts and skills including developing effective communication with stakeholders and clients; utilizing the art of public relations, media and advertisements to form and manage public opinion; and identifying the needs and opinions of individuals within the organization. The course also covered a wide array of topics including goals of public relations, public relations and human behavior, and planning public relations programs.

 Commenting on this event, Mr. Raed Mu’ti, General Manager of First Motors said: “We are delighted with Marwa’s participation in the “Managerial Diplomacy in Public Relations” course as First Motors always seeks to develop and enrich its workforce. We believe in investing in our employees because they are the cornerstone of our success and any effort we put in developing their skills ultimately drives the company forward. The field of public relations is essential in today’s corporate world and as such having employees that firmly grasp its fundamental aspects is vital to First Motors’ development and success.”

 Speaking of her participation in the course, Miss Al Haji said: “I am extremely grateful to First Motors for the opportunity to participate in this course. I am confident that the knowledge and training provided by this course will not only help me develop my career but it will also enable me to play a bigger role in serving First Motors’ philosophy and vision.”


Mr. Raed Mu’ti further added: “At First Motors, we take pride in the fact that Hyundai is a brand that represents excellence with a unique value for money without compromise. Parallel to that, we perceive that investing in our staff’s development is part of the philosophy of excellence that the brand represents.”

 Miss Al Haji is one of many First Motors staff members to participate in training courses and programs, which reaffirms First Motors’ continuous commitment to investing in its staff and further developing its workforce to go hand in hand with its high standards.

 First Motors, part of Al Zayani Investments group, is fully committed to demonstrating to the Bahrain market that Hyundai is the brand that represents excellence. The many training programs and workshops that First Motors enrolls their employees in to further hone their skills, exemplifies their commitment towards providing service that is at par with the leaders in the automotive industry.

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