• September 03 -2015

First Motors Meets the Needs of Commercial and Industrial Transportation Sectors in the Kingdom

First Motors, the exclusive dealer of Hyundai vehicles in Bahrain, reiterates their commitment of meeting the needs and requirements of every commercial enterprise by providing flexible and customized transportation solutions with their impressive range of commercial vehicles.


First Motors range of Commercial Vehicles include heavy, medium and light weight vehicles available in different sizes and offers the market various models including Hyundai Mighty Trucks, Hyundai Heavy Duty Trucks, Hyundai Special vehicles and Hyundai Buses. They combine dynamism and performance with comfort, safety and dependability to offer the perfect vehicle for the transportation business. These vehicles serve all conveyance purposes including transportation of materials, manpower and food.

Serving customers looking for higher levels of utility with comfort and safety, the Hyundai Commercial Vehicles include the Hyundai HD series, the perfect vehicles to meet the demands of the trucking business. It also includes the Hyundai buses comprising the Hyundai H1 9 seater Wagon having greater storage capacity for luggage and other goods, the 30 seater Hyundai County Mini Bus and the 46 seater Hyundai Aero City. Other Commercial Vehicles from Hyundai are the Heavy Duty Trucks, the ideal vehicles for material distribution, long distance haulage and construction work. In the name of Special Vehicles Hyundai provides transport operators and businesses with a range of service vehicles including Car Carrier Trucks, Ambulances, Aircraft refuelers and Fire Fighting Trucks.


Speaking about the Commercial Vehicles, Mr. Raed Mu’ti, the General Manager of First Motors, said: “We are doing our best to meet the needs of customers in the currently evolving commercial vehicle market and with our range of Commercial Vehicles we want to bring to the attention of all business owners the operational efficiency of our vehicles in this segment. First Motors has always been committed to providing the best quality products and services to customers and like always even with our complete range of commercial vehicles we aim to help business owners improve their commercial commutation needs by making available to them vehicles they can depend on year in and year out. Each vehicle is individually tested and the technology that goes into making these strong vehicles have proven their worth on the toughest of roads even in the most extreme conditions to meet the various performance requirements.”


“At first Motors we work towards the satisfaction of our clients as well, hence the vehicles are also priced very reasonably keeping in mind both small and large scale businesses. We are extremely confident that business owners will appreciate the quality, efficiency and durability of all the vehicles as well as the service we provide. Vehicles in the Hyundai Commercial Vehicles series cater to every business requirement in terms of power, safety and reliability because we see this as a way to contribute to the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain and we are optimistic about the success of our line up of vehicles that cater to the growing business needs and demands as we provide to customers an undisputable range of vehicles in every category. We aim to redefine the commercial vehicles industry by providing customers with compelling options followed by higher earning potential,’ he added.


The Commercial Vehicles range offered by First Motors have proven to be the best business partners by fostering entrepreneurs, self-employed and other businesses to grow with their extensive product expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market and by providing transportation solutions that make operations easier and smoother.


  First Motors, part of Al Zayani Investments group, is fully committed to demonstrating to the Bahrain market that Hyundai is the brand that represents unique value for money without compromise. 

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