• January 12 -2015

First Motors Showcases 2015 Hyundai Centennial in City Centre Bahrain

First Motors, the exclusive dealer of Hyundai vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, showcased the 2015 Centennial, Hyundai’s flagship luxury sedan, at the City Centre Bahrain, shopping mall from the 16th to the 18thof October, 2014 in order to give the public a glimpse of premium luxury at an affordable price.

 The showcasing of the 2015 Centennial at City Centre Bahrain,was not the first time that First Motors have undertaken such an initiative but the excellent response they garnered then stayed true for this time as well. The reason for the enduring success of the Centennial and the highly favourable outcome of the road show at City Centre Bahrain this time around is the brand loyalty that Hyundai’s flagship sedan inspires with its high tech luxury features, the premium quality materials used in the production of the vehicle and the Hyundai Premium Assurance Plus Package (HPAP+) that is offered along with the purchase of the car.


The 2015 Centennial is equipped with Hyundai’s internationally acclaimed GDi engines. The top-of-the-range powerplant is the award-winning TAU V8 5.0-litre GDi unit, which delivers maximum power of 430ps, a top speed of 240kph and 0 to 100kph in 5.8 seconds and it offers an 8-speed automatic transmission.

 Speaking about exhibiting the 2015 Centennial in City Centre Bahrain, Mr. Raed Mu’ti, General Manager of First Motors, said “We are extremely pleased to have shared with the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain the embodiment of Hyundai’s dream of creating the perfect driving environment, the 2015 Centennial. Art is not meant to be hidden away but rather showcased in the most public and popular of places and as such, it granted us, at First Motors, immense joy to bestow upon the public the perfect blend of concept and reality that is the 2015 Centennial. Not only did this initiative further our bond with the public, we also conferred upon them the opportunity to have a closer look at our luxurious and powerful vehicles without going to the First Motors showroom in Sitra”. 

The Centennial comes with a host of latest features such as a Head-Up Display that projects speed and navigation information on the windscreen, a Blind Spot Detection system that alerts the driver of any vehicles or objects that are in the car’s blind spots, an All Around View Monitor that utilizes small front, side and rear-mounted cameras to project a 360 view of the area surrounding the car.

 In addition to the outstanding features of the car, Hyundai’s Premium Assurance programme (HPAP+) ensures that customers receive unbeatable levels of service throughout the buying and ownership experience. It offers a range of benefits such as the 5 Years/100,000 kms Maintenance Service, 5 Years Roadside Assistance, 5 Years Home to Home Service, Lifetime Warranty, 5 Years Service Courtesy Car, Lifetime Dedicated Service Advisor and Guaranteed Buy Back Value.

 “Due to the location of the exhibition and the brand loyalty that Hyundai’s flagship sedan enjoys, we were expecting an extremely successful turnout. But the response we gathered exceeded all expectations as news spread of the HPAP+ packages on avail with the purchase of the 2015 Centennial. The generous benefits greatly appealed to the public as they understood the significance of the HPAP+ package. We would like to thank City Centre Bahrain for their support and look forward to doing something like this again that will only deepen our good relations with the people of the Kingdom of Bahrain”Mr. Raed Mu’ti added.


The Centennial has always been a class apart and the 2015 Centennial only serves to retain that premier status with the luxury, comfort and technology that it offers. The 2015 Centennial, Hyundai’s flagship luxury sedan, promises opulence, new age digital advancements and performances of unparalleled high standards at unbelievably economical prices.


First Motors, part of Al Zayani Investments group, is fully committed to demonstrating to the Bahrain market that Hyundai is the brand that represents unique value for money without compromise. Their confidence in Hyundai is demonstrated through their sensational Lifetime Warranty that is offered on the entire range of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles.

 Visit the First Motors showroom in Ma’ameer or call 17 121 121 for more information on the 2015 Hyundai Centennial.

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