• January 12 -2015

For touring the GCC with a Mitsubishi Pajero, Zayani Motors awards the two friends Krishna and Pramod

Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealers of Mitsubishi in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has honored the two Indian friends Krishna and Pramod with a plaque for conducting their expedition of spreading peace and goodwill message across the GCC via the powerful and trustworthy Mitsubishi Pajero. The event took place at Zayani Motors premises in Sitra, recently.

The two friends’ journey lasted for 6 days covering 7100 Km using the Mitsubishi Pajero that features advanced control technologies and was conceived and developed to meet the challenges of the world’s most grueling rally with the AWC (All Wheel Control) to ensure complete driver control in extreme conditions. The two friends documented their full of fun and challenging trip through photography and videography. 

“Mitsubishi Pajero has earned enormous popularity as a sport utility vehicle boasting outstanding durability and endurance that enable it to deliver safe, secure and comfortable performance over any and all types of road surface,” said Mohammed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors.

“We are very proud of the initiative of these two young men for holding such a noble message and spreading peace all over the region. I highly recommend Mitsubishi Pajero for everyone who seeks safety and durability on the road,” he added.

Established in 1994, ZM has come a long successful way with its continuous progress to fulfill its goals that the management had envisioned and meticulously set 20 years ago. ZM has and will always aim at providing the best quality products and services from the automotive industry to its commercial and non-commercial clients.

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