• July 13 -2015

Land Rover…Drive Home With More This Ramadan

Land Rover Bahrain, recently launched their Ramadan Campaign which presents potential customers with a Financial Services Package on selective Land Rover models that is guaranteed to greatly alleviate their monetary concerns whilst granting all those who purchase these highly capable vehicles with a whole host of offers.


The Ramadan Campaign includes all Land Rover models present in the showroom and thereby, through the highly beneficial features of this offer, elite motoring enthusiasts can now be proud owners of Land Rover vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, which has been billed as the world’s most versatile and capable premium compact SUV, for prices starting from BD 277 per month and the customer focused Range Rover Evoque for monthly payments that begin from BD 296, with the repayment period of these offers standing at 5 years.


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