• November 19 -2015

MG350, Smooth, Powerful and Luxurious

  • Built to take on intense curves
  • Added ‘Sport’ ‘Snow’ & ‘Economy’ modes
  • Ø 15-inch wheels and a sophisticated EBD+ABS+CBC braking system


Sitra – Zayani Motors:

Smooth driving and luxurious interiors are key features that Morris Garages' MG 350 can proudly boast of. This fine piece of engineering is all set to leave an impact in the GCC compact sedan market.

With enough style and sleekness to rival and even best its competition, the real magic of the MG350 comes under the hood. Once you're behind the wheels of this little beast sporting a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, you're taken in by the super feedback offered via the steering. There is no reason to doubt that MG 350 is built to take on some intense curves judging by the quality of the responsiveness offered.

And if you ever find yourself wanting to add an extra punch to the MG 350, the 'Sport' mode is just a push away to offer you increased response and throttle control. This is in addition to the 'Economy' mode, for improved mileage.

The exterior is sleek, emulating pleasing and familiar contours while embracing a functional shape tailor-made for the GCC roads. The body panels are sturdy and its solid feel can be felt with nothing more than a base physical inspection.

Now, going inwards, we find real luxury for the price tag. With a state-of-the-art entertainment system constituting a media player with CD, MP3, USB and AUX capabilities with eight speakers thrown in, you’ll find yourself immersed in the sound.

Also note the remarkably spacious backseats along with the luxurious head room thanks to the angular carving and comfortable cushioning of the headliner. A very powerful air-conditioning system is the icing on the cake, with dedicated buttons on the dashboard.

Safety is another strong feature that the MG 350 covers in depth through its rear parking sensors, and audio and video inputs to the aforementioned entertainment system. Extra goodies include an air filter that comes with capabilities to clean pollen and dust, 15-inch wheels and a sophisticated EBD+ABS+CBC braking system. Also worth mentioning are the super responsive driver and passenger seat airbags.

Additional features include a four-way manual adjustment to the driver seat, rear fog lamps, remote central locking including lazy locking and vehicle immobiliser functionality.

An efficient budget vehicle, the MG 350 does its job and more. It is aimed at a discerning customer that wants value for the money spent for a top-notch drive, beating out its competitors in efficiency and plain overall sleekness.

For more information on the MG 350, or to arrange a test drive please visit Zayani Motors showrooms in Ma’ameer or Arad or call 17 703703 or 17 465533.

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