• April 10 -2016

Mitsubishi Attrage debuts at Zayani Motors showrooms-Bahrain

Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announces the launch of the 2016 Mitsubishi Attrage designed to provide a comfortable ride through narrow city streets and offer you the best value for your money. Drivers of every experience level will find the new Attrage an absolute breeze to handle. An extremely tight turning radius, among smallest in its class, makes the Attrage easy to maneuver through narrow city streets and crowded parking lots of Bahrain. This coupled with its superior fuel efficient consumption makes owning the Attrage a sensible and economic vehicle. The Japanese giant auto manufacturer has put in a lot of thought in the plan and features of the car to ensure that the vehicle represents a cornerstone in the field of the economy cars. The Attrage has been designed such that it provides an enhanced driving experience. This includes a smother and comfortable ride which can be noticed at once upon driving the vehicle. The attractive exterior of the car encompasses within itself and extremely spacious interior with ample leg room and head room. Spaciousness does not end in the occupants section of the car but also extends to its storage. The boot of the car is voluminuous for a car of its size. Large enough to easily accommodate a generous amount of baggage, tools, sports equipment, and more. The highest levels of safety features has been incorporated in the all-new Attrage. It includes a four-wheel anti-lock brake system which helps the driver maintain greater steering control, even on slippery roads as the system prevents the wheels from locking up during emergency braking. “In the Mitsibushi Attrage, there exist all the features and more that one looks for and wants in a car in this class. It has a modern stylish look, a spacious interior, large boot space and safety. All this packaged within one vehicle and available at a very attractive price makes this a car the smart choice.” Mr Mohamed Zaki, General Manager of Zayani Motors. For more information or to book a test drive, kindly visit our Maameer and Arad showrooms or contact us on 17703703/ 17465533. Established in 1994, Zayani Motors has come a long successful way with its continuous progress to fulfill its goals that the management had envisioned and meticulously set 20 years ago. Zayani Motors has and will always aim at providing the best quality products and services from the automotive industry to its commercial and non-commercial clients.

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