• October 29 -2015

Peugeot 301 Sedan Sporty Elegant and Scintillating

Drive the Peugeot 301 and you will have in your hands a car that is responsive and nimble. This vehicle is a clear illustration of French automobile manufacturer’s desire to conquer new markets. Designed specifically to appeal to a wide customer base and offering modern styling and features, the Peugeot 301 is positioned to fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding drivers.

With these qualities it comes as no surprise then that in 2014 the 301 was officially recognized and clinched the award in the Best Small Car catego­ry for its entry ­level saloon, at the Automan Car of the Year Awards. Peugeot 301 was also voted as the Best Small Sedan win at the Middle East Motor Awards (MEMA) 2013.

Simple Elegance

Inspire to a great extent by the SR1 concept car, the 301 symbolizes the identity of the Peugeot marque. Clean, pure and refined lines combined with modernity are the new identity of the Peugeot marque.

First Look

A chrome-outlined wide-mouth grille a smaller lower grille and a round fog lamp on each side of the grille give the 301 a sporty yet dashing look.

The hood has a large raised center, leaving just the outer inch or so of the hood to match the height of the front fenders. The center of the 301’s hood also features several raised lines to set it off and in the center of the hood is an indentation that starts at the fame boxing lion Peugeot emblem and tapering outward as it approaches the windshield.

The roofline of the 301 is about what you would expect of an economy sedan, as its windshield rakes rearward slightly into a pretty flat roof. The side of the 301 is a different story, as this economy-box features a high beltline, which wraps around the entire rear ¾ of the vehicle that overhangs the lower part of the car.

Engine and Drivetrain

The 301 is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. The engine churning out 115 BHP Torque (NM) 150 @ 4000 RPM, is mated to a four speed Auto Tiptronic transmission.

Get Inside

The flat-bottom steering wheel is the first feature that will strike you when you enter the vehicle. This kind of steering wheel is typically reserved for high-end vehicles.

An AM/FM stereo system with MP3 playback capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB port are housed in the center console provided easy access to both driver and front seat passenger. The vehicle also includes parking assist system.


You can choose from the Peugeot 301 Access, Active and Allure. The latter two are equipped with all the bells and whistles giving your vehicle the wow factor. These can include (depending on whether Active or Allure) Spa Alloy Wheels 16”, automatic Air Conditioning, instrument panel with Trip Computer, Rev Counter, Display of Ambient Temperature, Clock and Bluetooth. You also get Electric Windows & Mirrors and Fog Light, Airbag Deactivation Switch, Leather Steering Wheel and also a Center Armrest.


A large storage trunk with a remote opener ensures you have enough room for a quick getaway. The trunk has up to 17.8 cubic-feet of space to 17.8 cubic-feet of storage space.


The Peugeot 301 come fitted with a decent smattering of safety features. The most notable features are an electronic stability program, ABS, as many as four airbags, emergency brake assistance, which applies the brakes if you are about to get into an accident with the car ahead of you, and ISOFIX.

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