• November 20 -2014

Premium Car Customers in Bahrain Getting More from Hyundai

For premium car customers in Bahrain and the Middle East, excellent performance, modern styling and the latest technological features have always been important when choosing a new car. However, according to Hyundai, those customers are now looking for more than just a top quality vehicle, and are looking far more closely at the premium service that is offered to them by a manufacturer.

 Research conducted by Hyundai around the Middle East launch of its All-New Genesis model this year suggests that attractive design, state-of-the-art technology, or high performance are not the only factors that will convince potential customers to invest in a luxury car.


The results of a special customer clinic showed that consideration to purchase among those surveyed rose by over a third (34%) when the Korean brand’s Premium Assurance Plus Programme (HPAP+) and its benefits were explained, and when compared to services offered by rival manufacturers.


Mr. Raed Mu’ti, the General Manager, First Motors, official distributor of Hyundai in Bahrain, comments: “Customers in Bahrain expect the very best in customer service, and rightly so. Since we introduced the HPAP+ programme to the market last year, sales of both Genesis and Centennial models have been boosted, and the feedback we have had from customers has been extremely positive. In such a competitive segment, it is initiatives such as HPAP+ that enable us to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to customer service, and this has a hugely positive impact on customer loyalty.”

 Luxury car buyers in across the Middle East have enjoyed higher levels of customer service from the HPAP+ programme, which was introduced to the region last year. Available as standard to all buyers of new Hyundai Genesis and Centennial models, the programme is designed to give customers added peace of mind, and remains the most comprehensive initiative of its type in the country.

 The All-New Genesis and Centennial models come with a highly competitive, guaranteed buy-back value, valid if the customer opts to sell their car back to their Hyundai distributor. As well as providing the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that the new car will not dramatically lose its value, this also helps simplify the process of selling on the car when the customer chooses to.

 Another key feature of the programme is the free maintenance for five years or 100,000km, and all models also come with a lifetime warranty. Under the terms of the programme, the customer receives five years, 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown, a five years’ service courtesy car loan while their vehicle is being repaired, as well as their very own life-time dedicated service advisor.


Tom Lee, Head of Hyundai Africa and Middle East Regional Headquarters, commented: “Our premium car line-up has been acclaimed across the world for the high standards of quality, design and technology that it offers customers. The All-New Genesis and Centennial exemplify everything that is good about Hyundai’s new ‘Modern Premium’ brand direction, and have won a number of top industry awards in both the Middle East and around the globe. The Hyundai Premium Assurance Plus Programme is a further indication of the confidence we have in these cars, and we believe it adds a great deal to overall owner enjoyment of the cars.” 

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