• June 08 -2015

Zayani Motors holds a special honoring ceremony for its devoted retirees

Honoring their commitment and long-term dedication, Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealers of Mitsubishi and Peugeot in the kingdom of Bahrain, has recently held an exceptional retirement party for Mr. Sasi Kumar Mangalasseri, Parts Salesman, and Mr. Maitham Mohammed Jawad, Senior Salesman Outdoor, who have served the company for more than 20 years with continued efforts and enthusiasm. The event took place at Zayani Motors premises in the presence of the company’s Top management and staff, recently.

A festivity has been organized and witnessed various enjoyable activities besides presenting exceptional awards to the distinguished employees including retirees and employees of the month as well as the Zayani Motors’ cricket team. The special celebration has also featured a lunch buffet, music and entertainment program presented by Mae Francis, followed by cake cutting and gifts distribution ceremony.


“Today, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to Mr. Sasi Kumar Mangalasseri and Mr. Maitham Mohammed Jawad, and thank them for the long productive years they spent at Zayani Motors. I would also like to convey my gratitude to all our loyal employees who have highly contributed in the success of our esteemed company,” said, Mr. Mohamed Zaki, General Manager at Zayani Motors.

From their side, the honored employees expressed their appreciation to the boundless and extraordinary support they receive from Zayani Motors management.

Established in 1994, ZM has come a long successful way with its continuous progress to fulfill its goals that the management had envisioned and meticulously set 20 years ago. ZM has and will always aim at providing the best quality products and services from the automotive industry to its commercial and non-commercial clients.

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