Vision, Mission and Values

Who We Are

Al Zayani Investments Group B.S.C is a dynamic company based in Manama, Bahrain. Since our establishment in 1977, our journey has been one of mounting success and expansion. Our business portfolio includes diversified ventures into the automotive, health care, manufacturing, real estate, service businesses and food & beverages. By laying the groundwork of a solid local foundation and employing the best resources and technologies, we have consolidated our position as a strong regional competitor, equipped to face the challenges of the changing modern market.


Through our subsidiaries, our mission is to invest in innovative and sustainable projects which contribute to the diversification of the local economy. This stems from our belief in the importance of business to the development and prosperity of the Kingdom’s various sectors.


To maintain a leading position in the field of investments by upholding first-rate investment practices. Guided by the expertise of our management team, we aim to build a portfolio of beneficial and sustainable investments, steadfastly committed to the integrity our core values.


The companies under the umbrella of Al Zayani Investments Group provide the very best in the field of automobiles and their related services. From the exclusive distribution of various international brands, to the provision of professional leasing, accident repair and body modifications, our subsidiaries effortlessly supply for any demand.


As a primary driving engine of economic development, Al Zayani Investments Group was keen to branch out to include industry in its portfolio. Zayani Industries is focused on creating and maintaining new industrial ventures, partnering with leading world-class manufacturers across the globe for uncompromised quality and excellence.

Real Estate

Zayani Properties is dedicated to the development of commercial and residential properties in accordance to the highest standards, both locally and regionally. The company is committed to the service of its customers and the community, providing consistency in the production and management of lasting developments.

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