July 27, 2021

Marketing Manager – Maserati

Purpose of the job:

Develop the marketing plans and budget, Manage and ensure dealer marketing & media activities and specific product media exposure with a strong focus to serve the individual commercial needs within the markets, in order to increase segment, segment share, and brand awareness in the local market and help achieve relevant sales & commercial objective. Make a strategic yearly plan for customers’ local driving events. Able to effectively understand and oversee digital and social media marketing campaigns.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Dealership Operation:

  • Develop, organize, and implement local marketing & media activities/events, evaluate results of each marketing activity, and conduct post-event analysis report.
  • Control event budgets to ensure that limits are not exceeded prepared monthly reports.
  • Acquire prospective customers through marketing events and promote customer loyalty and maintain and update the CRM, grow the database of potential customer.
  • Maintain and update the dealer website content.
  • Build & maintain a sound relationship with local key media in coordination PR manager at the Maserati Regional Offices.
  • Maintain and update social media as relevant within Maserati guidelines.


  • Defining specifics to execute events.
  • Selecting and managing service suppliers in line with set budgets.
  • Selecting event targets and manage invitations.
  • Participating actively in the planned initiatives.
  • Fully responsible to ensure all event materials fully comply with the corporate identity guidelines.
    Ensuring Post-event follow-up.
  • Proactively mining database for follow-up opportunities.


  • Assuring Marketing Form fulfillment.
  • Managing Customer database.
  • Analyzing and understanding the customer base structure, drawing the right conclusions and defining the right marketing strategy.
  • Coordinating Customer communication plan (e.g. waiting list and after-sale).
  • Updating Leads/Customer sections in the CRM after each event.
  • Develop events and or activities based on the logic of customers clusters to maximize customer engagement.
  • Liaising with the Service dept. coordinate welcome back campaigns.
  • Fully responsible to ensure all customer documents and communications fully comply with the corporate identity guidelines.
  • Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) results and agreeing on action plans with the HQ to improve the KPIs directly linked to marketing-related topics.


  • Building Communication tools (above and below the line) to allow the dealer to promote its services, activities, experiences and also to promote Maserati services, experiences.
  • Coordinating customer complaints management.
  • Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) results and agreeing on action plans with the HQ.
  • Organize monthly internal meetings with the Sales Manager and After Sales Service Manager to review CSI scores and develop an action plan.

Digital and Social Media Marketing:

  • Retain and manage digital and social media marketing providers.
  • Understand and oversee digital marketing campaigns and SEO/SEM and PPC tactics to acquire new clients.
  • Oversee email marketing campaigns to retain and engage current clients.


Drawing up yearly Marketing plan according to Marketing Guidelines.

  • Checking marketing activities effectiveness in terms of presence to the events, Customer and Prospect acquisition rate and Customer loyalty.
  • Develop and liaise with co-marketing partners to create co-marketing opportunities.
  • Cooperate with Sales& After Sales Department in providing marketing support to achieve commercial targets or on specific marketing activities.
  • Measure marketing spend effectiveness on all marketing initiatives and develop best practise initiatives.
  • Cooperate with Sales & After Sales Department in providing post event reviews & follow up.

Human Resource:

Develop internal training, new marketing assistant orientation, and on the job training.

Monthly & Yearly Reports:

As per above duties & responsibilities.


  • Min. 5 years of experience in automotive retail
  • Languages: English; Local Language.
  • Education: university degree in business administration, management, marketing.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Customer complaints handling skills.
  • Strong strategic thinking.
  • Qualifications in accordance with Maserati’s training guidelines.
  • Prior interview assessment and approval by importer Marketing Director

Key Factors to Success:

  • Promotes brand uniqueness.
  • Premium service beyond expectations.
  • Contribute to the team.
  • Capability to work under pressure.
  • Good listener and persuasive communicator.
  • Continuously improves the effectiveness.
  • Passionate for improvement and challenging goals.
  • Winning personality with the ability to gain and develop fruitful partnerships within the luxury industry.
  • Passionate about Maserati & world automotive racing.
  • Attention to detail.
  • very high standards for the delivery of Brand Experience.
  • Strong eye for detail.
  • Knowledge of basic marketing principles, luxury goods and/or auto industry, and at least a basic.
  • knowledge and understanding of digital marketing

Working Conditions:

  • Working hours from 8 am to 5 pm Sunday – Thursday



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