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Hyundai’s New-generation Azera Delivers Comfort, Safety, and Extra Power for Middle East Launch
May 9, 2017

Hyundai’s New-generation Azera Delivers Comfort, Safety, and Extra Power for Middle East Launch

Hyundai has unveiled the Middle East version of its All-new Azera large sedan, offering buyers a car that is not only bigger and significantly more advanced than the model it replaces, but will also come with a larger, more powerful engine than is available anywhere else in the world.

Designed and engineered as the carmaker’s top-of-the range passenger sedan, the sixth generation of the Azera is longer, wider, and taller than ever before, and offers even higher levels of comfort and equipment. On global versions, its top-line engine will be a 3.0-liter V6 delivering a maximum 261 metric horsepower (PS). For Middle East buyers, however, the Azera will come with 3.5 liters and 290 PS (286 HP) as standard, matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

“The Azera has been very successful for us in the Middle East, and Global Headquarters in Korea has recognized the particularly high importance of the model in the region,” said Mike Song, Hyundai’s Head of Operations for Africa and the Middle East.

“When we look at buyers in this segment, we see clear demand for extra power in the Middle East when compared with other markets internationally. Hyundai has taken this feedback very seriously, and our engineers have provided a unique specification that will give the Azera even more appeal to the region’s customers.”

Designed for elegance, engineered for strength

The powerful, GCC-only engine is offered as part of a world-class package that will set a new standard in its segment. Development has paid close attention, to detail to create a perfect balance of ride stability, responsiveness and comfort.

The All-new Azera’s styling is the latest evolution of Hyundai’s distinctive and confident design language. It is the second model internationally to carry the brand’s new signature design element, the ‘Cascading Grille’, giving the car a clearly premium identity, while the rear combination lamps illuminate the full width of the car, creating a revamped image while inheriting Azera’s design DNA. From every angle, the design is perfectly balanced.

The elegant bodywork is also stronger, with use of advanced construction methods offering best-in-class rigidity. Torsional rigidity is increased by 23.2 percent, and overall chassis rigidity by 34 percent, compared with the outgoing model. A stronger body creates better ride comfort, better handling, and better noise reduction, as well as a more durable and safer structure.

Advanced levels of comfort and convenience

Attention to detail is apparent throughout the All-new Azera. The interior offers a luxurious space finished with premium materials, while optimized ergonomics provide enhanced comfort and convenience. The space is defined by an elegantly curved layout, while instruments and controls are grouped horizontally for convenient and intuitive use.

A touchscreen display is positions so it ‘floats’ high above other minor controls and directly alongside the instrument cluster, where the driver can see and use the screen more easily. The screen supports mobile device connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing safer operation of mobile phones. Advanced connectivity also includes wireless mobile phone charging.

Other convenience features include a head-up display to help the driver focus on the road ahead by showing essential information, such as vehicle speed, on the windscreen, while the main instrument cluster is a thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD). Climate control is improved, with separate dual-zone controls for driver and passenger seats, automatic dehumidification and fog detection, and high-performance filtration system to prevent fine dust particles from entering the cabin.

“The All-new Azera represents Hyundai’s integrated approach to technology,” said Mike Song. “We have not simply added features because we can. We have thought very carefully about how they will be used, and have incorporated this into the design from the beginning. The floating screen is one example, re-thinking the traditional dashboard design so that information and touchscreen commands are located with the main controls. The screen is more convenient for the driver to use, and safer.”

Class-leading safety features

The All-new Azera includes a selection of advanced safety features that set best-in-class levels of occupant protection. Passive safety elements include the high-rigidity body, nine airbags protecting both front and rear occupants, and rear impact reduction system for the front seats.

The All-new Azera is also equipped with Hyundai’s ‘SmartSense’ system, a collection of high-tech active safety features to help the driver avoid a collision. Smart Sense includes Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Driver Attention Alert (DAA), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC), and Around View Monitor (AVM). These cutting-edge technologies work in harmony to automatically detect hazards and take action to avoid an accident,raising industry-standard features such as anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control to a higher level.

“With the All-new Azera, we are defining the future of the Hyundai brand,” said Mike Song. “It leads its field in every respect, with superior levels of engineering, beautiful, balanced design, a dynamic driving experience, and the highest levels of passenger comfort and protection. It is intended to be the best in its class, and we believe it has achieved that aim.”

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