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January 18, 2019

New season of Jaguar Experience Bahrain kicks-off

Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover has announced the start of the new Jaguar Experience season at the Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, which runs in tandem with the BIC Open Track, Night Open Track and Track Experience days.

The new season of the Jaguar Experience is currently ongoing and will continue on selected days up until May 10. The experience is delivered through unique and tailored drives in Jaguar’s most popular and powerful models, the Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible V6 and F-Type Coupé V6.

Being the first Jaguar Experience to run alongside the Land Rover Experience in the Middle East, the event enables Jaguar enthusiasts from all over the region to enjoy a fast-paced and exhilarating adventure at the cost of BD60 ($158.3).

To begin the experience, visitors are welcomed into the Jaguar Lounge and introduced to the team of lead instructors. While enjoying the snacks and beverages provided at the lounge, visitors have the chance to learn about the heritage of the Jaguar brand and how rich their motorsport history has directly influenced the vehicle they are going to drive, the Jaguar F-Type.

After receiving a briefing on-track safety and vehicle dynamics, the participants are taken out onto the track for hot-laps driven by the instructors, wherein the instructor would provide tips on car placement, visual cues, braking points, the racing line and much more. This is followed by an adrenaline pumping drive around the circuit with the participant behind the wheel and the instructor on the passenger seat providing real-time feedback. The final part of the experience sees the instructor take the driving seat once again taking the participant on a truly memorable hot-lap around the challenging circuit, showing the F-Type’s full capability, power and agility. Upon completion of the entire experience, guests will be taken back to the lounge where they will be presented with a Certificate of Completion from Jaguar Experience Bahrain.

Stephen Lay, the general manager of Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover, said: “We are looking forward to having all our customers enjoy the incredible Jaguar Experience at the Bahrain International Circuit. At the centre, guests will be able to drive the award-winning Jaguar F-Type around the world famous Bahrain Grand Prix Track as well as the Inner Track under the guidance of professionally certified instructors. Launched last summer, Jaguar Experience Bahrain has been receiving rave reviews and we look forward to maintaining that standard by providing wholesome experiences to all our guests throughout this season. Since Jaguar Experience will only take place on selected days during the forthcoming months, we encourage our customers to proceed with the booking of their drive at the earliest.”

To book your Drive, call the Bahrain International Circuit on +973 17450 000.

To know more, call the Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover showroom on 17460460 or follow the latest posts about Jaguar on Facebook at Euro Motors – Jaguar Bahrain or on Instagram at @emjaguarbahrain. Additionally, to get further information, follow up to date Jaguar tweets on Twitter at emjaguarBahrain.

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