Omar Abdulaziz

Omar Abdulaziz

In his role as the Manager of the Rashid AlZayani Foundation, Omar Abdul aziz has been leading the company’s CSR and social development initiatives for the past 6 years, the foundation works on investing back into the Bahrain’s society and creates programs that enhances the social welfare of the community, since it was established in 2011 the Rashid Al Zayani Foundation has helped change the lives of thousands of people in Bahrain by providing them with education, healthcare, and improved housing, it has recently adapted a new focus on sustainable development, the foundation also built some land mark projects such as the Rashid AlZayani Mosque (Galali) The Rashid AlZayani Majlis (Muharrag) The Rashid AlZayani Port (Al Jasra) Mahfooda AlZayani Mosque (Janabiyah).

Omar Holds a master’s degree with commendation in Business with Human Resources Management (with a focus on CSR) from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (UK) and has graduated with first honours from in Marketing Management from the Kingdom University in Bahrain.
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