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Ashish Rawat

Ashish Rawat

Group Risk Management Manager
Mr. Ashish Rawat was appointed as the Group Risk Management Manager of Alzayani Investments B.S.C (Closed) in May 2021, with a proven track record of establishing and managing functional areas such as Compliance, Risk management, AML/CFT approved by Regulatory Authority and experience in Treasury and Operations. He is proficient and well-versed with skills in governance, risk management, fraud prevention, financial crime controls, internal audit, regulatory compliance, information systems/Information technology assurance, revenue management while maintaining a high level of compliance with applicable internal and external requirements.

Mr. Ashish adapts easily to fast-paced high-stress situations requiring attention to details and follow-through. He demonstrates success in organizing tasks, increasing efficiency, and obtaining maximum results from the available resources. He is a keen learner and believes in continuous learning & professional development.
Mr. Ashish is holding a master’s degree in business administration and has various globally recognized certifications from UK, USA, and Bahrain, including ICA advanced diploma in GRC, CRMA, CAMS-RM, CFE, CAMS, CRCMP, FFRM. He also holds a Master of Hotel Management degree and had worked in international hospitality brands.
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